22 January 2014

I Hope Everyone Has an Annie

Since I don't seem to have any pictures of Annie, I give you Ollie enjoying the snow that fell yesterday...
We put Annie on an airplane yesterday just before the snow started. In fact, had her flight been just an hour later and she would have had to stay...

It was a glorious week with Best Friend Annie. She fed us and cleaned up our messes. We read Blackmoore and made baby bows together. There was Funfetti Cake Mix Chex (twice), and there was an impromptu kitchen dance party when we realized that, not only do we both love Queen, we both love the same somewhat obscure song.

She gave Oliver all the attention he needed and wasn't getting. She laughed at all of Jesse's jokes. She promised me that I wasn't losing my mind when I told her all of my crazy new baby anxieties. She loved on Alice the way only family could, which almost made up for the fact that none of my family can. And to top it all off, she cleaned my bathroom twice. Then she put on her photographer hat and took our pictures.

She did all of this purely because I asked her to over ice cream and french fries at Leatherby's that sunny day in June.

She didn't even hesitate.

And that's why I hope everyone has an Annie in their lives. I'm so lucky to have mine!

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  1. I hope everyone has a Della! I love you guys so much!