29 January 2014

Quiet Time

Here's how things go everyday...

I'm tired all day long.
Alice cries all of the time, she's a baby after all.
Oliver, who is in love with nonsense words and wiggling, spends all day chattering and jumping around.
It is the dead of winter and frigid outside, so no one gets to breathe fresh air or run off energy.

This week, out of desperation, I created an afternoon activity called "BE QUIET AND HOLD STILL BEFORE I LOSE MY MIND" "Quiet Time."

This is not about a grumpy mom, this is purely about self preservation...

There are only two rules...

1. If your name is Oliver, you may not talk louder than a whisper.
2. If your name is Oliver, you may not run around the house in circles, regardless of how bored you are.

My job during quiet time is to breath deeply in an attempt to muster the energy and mental capacity to continue to care for two children until Jesse gets home in the evening.

This game gets really fun when I look up to find Oliver whispering his favorite nonsense words quietly to Alice while carefully giving her a pacifier.

I think we're going to make it after all.

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