16 November 2009


Today I was honest!

I applied for a government financial aid program...and I was COMPLETELY honest.

I should have been proud of myself....but here's what really went through my head as I drove out of Manti:

"I should have thought ahead and asked my mom to close that account, now I'll never qualify!"

Yes my pretties, apparently all of my life I have been living by false moral principles. I cannot truthfully proclaim honesty to be the best policy.

I am now very ashamed...but let's face it...I was honest and that's the part that counts.

-please have ripe fruits on hand to throw in my general direction as I walk by...for my crimes against humanity of course-


  1. I"ll just give you ripe fruit to eat. I love Della

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  3. We miss you guys (and silliness) so much!