23 November 2009

Success in the Pancake Department

My struggle began in 11th grade when the foods teacher assigned a "quick breads" project. I chose pancakes...because they were supposed to be easy...even from scratch.

An hour later, I still didn't have a decent pancake...

the batter was too thick,

the batter was too thin,

the griddle was too HOT,

the griddle was too cold...

I tried and tried. Finally I ended up with a thick doughy pancake. I put it on a paper plate, into a plastic bag and waited with bated breath...hoping that it would still look like a pancake when I turned it in. Luckily the teacher had no plans to eat it.

Over the years I have had the same general problems. Once while at my parent's house for the weekend, I decided to make pancakes for Heather and Jesse...somehow I made rubber instead.

Tonight I wanted breakfast...not just breakfast...pancakes. I pulled down my bucket of home made whole wheat pancake mix (courtesy of Jesse's mom) and crossed my fingers.

And then it happened! Success I had created pancakes...perfect pancakes!

I can now die happy!


  1. Congrats. Next time you can try Batter Blaster. Stuff is cool and super easy. Find it in grocery stores near the eggs.

  2. I'm so lucky I'm a GOOD cook already! ha-ha
    I love Della