16 February 2010

Big Day!

Yesterday I turned 21.

It was a lovely day full of great food, fun conversations with loved ones, fantastic gifts and the best part of all:

We got to see our baby boy! Hiccups and all!

He is the cutest alien I have EVER seen!

...but I do recognize that I am inclined to favor my own child over others...so please don't be offended by the previous statement...

Happy Birthday to ME!

Now, If you will excuse me...I have some cake and milk calling me from the kitchen.

And to those who worry or might be offended...wondering if they are the last to know and why I didn't tell them personally...Don't get your knickers in a knot....this is the first that the general population of the universe (save a few scattered here and there outside of close family) are hearing about the chicken nugget. It was my right to inform who I did in the manner of my choosing, when I felt that I was ready. Try not to take it personally. That is all.


  1. WAIT! You didn't tell me you were giving birth to a CHICKEN NUGGET!! That is SOOO COOOL! p.s. when are we going to have another girl's night?!

  2. You are just so lucky! Yay!!!

  3. I love the disclaimer.


    I'm not offended. Plus I guessed already from reading someone else's comments on your blog (yes, I'm a blog stalker).

    Oh - and Happy Birthday!

  4. Why can everyone make boys but me?!?!?! I was secretly hoping for a girl because they are so much fun but I'm excited to have another boy in the family! Congratulations and Happy Birthday my lovely! Now we can start the planning! So excited!!!!

  5. YAY BOYS!! He should be Gabe's friend!
    And, yes, happy birthday!

  6. congrats! What a fun birthday present. You are going to be such great parents. Happy Birthday bytheway. I hope you were able to relax and be pampered. You deserve it!
    ~Jessica Womble

  7. Congrats to you both! I loved seeing the ultrasound, your baby boy is going to be the most handsomest baby boy in he world!

    Oh and I forgot to thank you for the wonderful day off of work because of your birthday ;)

  8. I Love It!!! Congratulations Della!!! He's a beautiful baby boy!