17 February 2010

A Delightful Alternative

Should you ever attend a birthday celebration hosted by any of these fine upstanding citizens you may be in for a surprise....

They sure know how to eat their cake!

I'm not sure exactly where in the cobwebs of our family history this this delightful tradition was adopted...but I am grateful at every birthday!

The only real way to eat cake is to:

Put it in a bowl

Pour some moo-juice over it

and slurp it up with your spoon.

This makes for an appropriate breakfast option as well...in fact that's what we do with the leftover cake the day after the party...and we enjoy it until it's gone.

*and yes,here at the Moses home we often choose disposable dishes over the real thing...it stems from our intense loathing of hand washing dishes...but that's just us.


  1. Oh Della, I remember the first time I saw you eat cake like this. It wasn't even at a birthday party. It was at school my friend. You brought cake in a tupperware to school and bought milk/moo juice out of the vending machine and ate your cake in this fashion. I asked what you were doing, thinking maybe it wasn't regular cake, and you said its the only way to eat cake... I though that indeed you must be crazy but I tried it. I do only really like it with chocolate cake (its okay with others, but not as good as it is with the chocolate kind).

  2. lol my family eats cake like that too!