14 June 2010


Every week from now until the end of the pregnancy I get to go to the hospital for non stress tests...just to check on The Nugget.

Did you know that when you do this test you have to be admitted to the hospital? Cool right?

Next time, I'm going to ask for some water...hopefully they'll give it to me in one of those AWESOME water bottle mug things with the best straws on the planet...

Cross your fingers for me.

P.S. Toady's craving: PICKLES. Lots of them!

*update....no water bottle. BLAST!

I don't believe weekly NST's are common protocol. In our case, the boy, who is looking forward to a lifetime career of acrobatics, was practicing in the womb and got himself a little too tangled for anyone's taste...so we are monitoring him. However, we do have plans to name him Ashley, move to Europe and train him for Cirque du Soleil...it could work.


  1. Sorry if this is a stupid question... being I wouldn't know as the last ten weeks of my pregnancy was not normal by any means...
    So are NST's weekly just common protocol? or is this a precautious measure for you?

  2. Well that's cool you get admitted to the hospital, more hospital jewelery! And don't worry you should get one of those amazing mugs after your nugget comes out :)