22 June 2010

It's my blog and I'll "cry" if I want to...but I promise not to make a habit of it.

Dear Neighbor Person,

Maybe when you have been pregnant for...oh, let's say about NINE MONTHS...and you are tired, hot and grouchy, with a car load of stuff to carry inside, you will understand what it is like to get home and find that the parking spot closest to your front door has been taken by either member of the same inconsiderate couple...again. This does not help me to like you...which I promise I am really trying-desperately almost-to do. Have a lovely day!

"Oscar the Grouch sans Trash Can" in #5

(My parking lot crusade starts as soon as Mr. Dolan gets back to the office...you're safe until Monday.)


  1. Ammmennn! (I wanted to.... injure people when I was on BEDREST with this problem) It gets even more fun when you have to baby carseat (seeming 189 pounds) using one hand and then balance the other hand for two gallons of milk and at least half a dozen other bags of cans and such.

  2. I'm sorry Della. I love you! Hope things get better and that your neighbors start realizing what they're doing to you!

  3. Go and make your own parking sign!!!!!!