04 June 2010

Last Saturday was moving day; it went supremely well thanks to my family and a couple of awesome friends...

Saturday was also the Scandinavian Day Festival here in town; that means delicious turkey for lunch...

To get the turkey, you have to stand in a very long line.

At eight months pregnant, directly following a moving escapade, my ankles weren't in the mood to stand in a long line...call me lazy...so Heather and I sat in the grass next to the line and tickled Andre.

I looked up at my parents standing in the line and thought:

Ever since the day they had children, they have been "Standing in Line" for us...Doing all the hard work for us that we couldn't do for ourselves...or that we were just too tired for.

They have always done so with love, but have not always been met with the appreciation that was deserved.

Then I realized that in less than a month, Jesse and I will be a part of the "Standing in Line" crowd-a lifetime of serving our children...Standing in long lines and going the extra mile just feed our children an overpriced turkey lunch at a small town heritage festival.

I just hope that we can handle our new job with the grace that our own parents have portrayed. We certainly have great examples to follow!

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