01 January 2012

Today is Sunday, the first day of the year...

That means I should be writing about my resolutions...

To use less butter and cream when I cook, and write a love note to my husband every day, and fill up my fancy journal so I won't forget all the grand adventures coming my way (and so I can have new fancy journal next year).

That also means I could tell you about how I led the music in Primary today and I'm wishing it was my job every Sunday.

It could indicate that you might read a fun post about my New Years Eve party with Becca, Chance, four cheese fettuccine alfredo, the smurfs, and yogurt covered pretzels (which they gifted to me on their way out the door...I love them for that).

But my brain is too jumbled up with "All This and Heaven Too" from Florence + the Machine, and imagining what sort of scenario it would take to get my antique dining table from Wales to Malad because I really want its beauty to enhance my newly decorated dining room to tell you very much about those other things.

So I'll post an adorable picture of Olivander instead.

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