14 February 2012

To My Friend Jesse,

I asked you to sum up our Valentine's Day with one word. You chose "nontraditional." You were right.

We drove to Logan, returned library books, used coupons for lunch, and then got groceries and an oil change...Your tooth hurt and I complained a little bit about the lack of romance in it all. I also taught our son to say "What the Heck" by accident. Hopefully it doesn't stick.

Really, though. When you think about it, we spent the day together, did very little worth reporting, and still thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I sincerely loved every second of it. I'd like to think that says more about our romance than a fancy dinner and a dozen roses. Wouldn't you agree?

Not that there is anything wrong with roses and fancy dinners...in fact, those are good ideas. Write those down...

1 comment:

  1. hahaha. Matt worked all day and had class. He came home. We ate swiss rolls and nutty butter bars. Then we fell asleep.

    I was a teensy bit disappointed only because all over facebook were roses plastered and people going out for dinner and whatnot.

    But seriously. Life will go on. =)