07 March 2012

24 feet.

Recently, Jesse and I reserved our moving truck...it's gonna be big.

Last night, I woke up over and over again from nightmares having to do with said moving truck and our upcoming cross country trip...

We were running into people, knocking over the biggest ball of stamps and the worlds largest ketchup bottle, High centering the truck on top of that random pyramid in Nebraska, Getting stuck in the parking lots of various other roadside attractions along I-80, driving on the wrong side of the road, and being swept away by a tornado somewhere between Iowa to Ohio...

I guess this thing is really happening...you know...moving away and all...


  1. But it'll be great! Have so much fun!

  2. Please stop by our inn (home) if you need a place to stop and get help off the random pyramid in Nebraska.

  3. Oh Louise we would love to! That would really help us out! Thanks for the offer! I'll be in touch for sure.