30 March 2012

640 Million

There were 640 million reasons for friends from Utah to stop into Malad today.

This is one of the 5 ridiculously long lines that formed for lottery tickets around town.
According to Jesse, it was a whole lot worse than this earlier in the afternoon when they were stretched around buildings.

This is just Oliver J. while we were sitting in the car waiting for Jesse to come back with the french bread.

No. He did not get dressed all day.

Lazy bum.

And yes, we had to tag-team to Thomas Market because there was a legitimate concern that parking within 500 feet would be unavailable.

All I wanted was some french bread to go with my pizza soup.

1 comment:

  1. malad was on the news! I had to think and remember if that is where you were in fact living. That is pretty sweet, but not so much since everyone was there.