27 March 2012

Tuesday's Mantra

Today I will do my homework. Today I will do my homework. Today I will do my homework.

Today I WILL do my homework.

Give  me some advice. How do you get yourself motivated?

Currently I have reward system, a progress chart, and even a sticky note on my keyboard depicting Kristen and me as stick figures in trendy chevron striped dresses meant to remind me that when I finish my assignments I can play with her...

But none of those things seem to be helping me today.

Does that mean I'm hopeless?


  1. I only think of this because it was in our Sunday School lesson a couple weeks ago.


    In the case of homework (although NOT exercise, go figure), I find it works. Turn on the autopilot and just go.

  2. Great article! It's true that I've done a whole lot to get myself motivated, but I'm pretty terrible at the follow through. I had never considered that motivation and follow through could be two distinct things. Thanks for the link. I think the suggestions at the end will be very useful.