08 July 2012

Oliver Plays...

A few things about this last photo...
  1. Ollie is in tickle monster mode. Hilarious.
  2. Yes mom, he is indeed wearing a camo shirt and red gym shorts. No they don't match. Yes. He wore them all day. Even in public. I'm getting better every day! In case you're confused, you should know that I tend to be a teensy bit high strung about Oliver's clothes matching JUST right....It drives my mother crazy
  3. Those ice packs on the floor in the back? Yeah, they were frozen when the photo was taken. I took them out of the freezer to thaw...that's the night that the power went out. The next day I was buying ice at the store...Irony?


  1. Look at his lovely locks! He is SO handsome!! Love and miss you!

  2. Ha ha, I was going to say the same about those curls! The humidity is doing some good work on his lovely hair. LOVE the tickle fingers!!! SO cute!!!