02 July 2012

In Which We Learned How Lucky We Were:

We went to church yesterday and heard all sorts of crazy talk about last Friday's storm...

Did you know that some people lost hundreds of dollars in frozen food in their freezers?

Did you know that some people are still without power and may be without until friday or longer?

Did you know that the usual morning commute traffic was about 8 billion times worse this morning because traffic lights are out all over the state?

Did you know that whole shopping centers are still without power

Did you know that some people had their roofs ripped off?

Did you know that one county's water system was affected and now the whole county is being asked to conserve water wherever possible until further notice?

Did you know that people are dying because of the heat?

We invited a family who was still without power to our house for dinner last night. We showed movies in our living room and made popcorn for the kids. We let the adults use the internet to finish and submit a paper for school.

They kept apologizing for crashing at our house...I kept insisting that it was no trouble. I know they would have done the same for us.

We are so lucky to be safe and comfortable.


  1. OH my! Indeed you are lucky! Just goes to show how many people love you and are praying DAILY for you!

  2. heard about it on the news. It's crazy insane! And like half of utah is on fire!

  3. Blessed. Don't you wonder who picked you--or rather, why He picked you?