28 July 2012

An Angsty Post About Making New Friends


Tonight I went out with a couple of girls in the ward.

Window shopping. An activity which I sincerely love.

I had so much fun, I couldn't stand it.

Now I am home and I can't stop thinking...

Was I awkward? Did I over share? Did I apologize too much? Did I stay too long? Did they invite me because they wanted to get to know me or do they just feel bad for me?

Making new friends is a little bit scary for me...Remember how I worry? A lot?

But here's the thing:

I have a lot of spectacular friends.

Friends who love and support me.

Friends who think I'm funny and interesting even if we are just running errands together...or sitting around watching tv...or making jam...or cleaning...or studying...or eating taco soup...or eating anything, really.

I think I need to remember that there was a time when I didn't know those women very well either.

And it was probably awkward then too, but we became friends anyway.

I need to remember that I am enough just the way I am.

And that I am good at finding great friends.

Or that great friends are good at finding me.

Whichever the case may be.


  1. I'm glad you found me. Best blessing ever! I don't recall any awkwardness when we became friends. That's probably because we were pre-mortal sisters! Love you!

  2. Oh I so understand how you feel. It is so hard getting to know people. But I have had just as stressed feelings reconnecting with old friends. and as we talked after getting back together we all went home feeling that way lol. It was humorous to find out we were all thinking the exact same thing :)

  3. Dear Kiana, AGREED!

    And Cat, you are right! Reconnecting with old friends can be stressful! In fact, I think that gives me more anxiety than making new ones! Thanks for helping me find some perspective though! Whether they are new or old, they are probably feeling similar to me. I think realizing that helps me have courage worry less about how I'm coming off and put more effort into letting others know that I emjoy their company. That could ultimately make a huge difference in the friend making department. Thanks!