03 November 2012

The Size of His Head...

One our favorite family treats is an 89 cent soda from Sam's.
Sometimes, we indulge and get one the size of Ollie's head.
Of course, that's really the only option... which is part of the fun.
One day Ollivander asked me what our drink was called.
"This is Root Beer," I said.
of course, he's never heard the word "root" before, so he translated it to the closest thing he could think of..
"Oh, this is Boo Beer," he said,

"This is YUMMY Boo Beer."
(we don't make the "L" sound at our house yet)
"Can I have some Red Beer, Mommy?"

"Can I have some White Beer, Mommy?' 


  1. Practically an adult right. He was super little last time we saw you guys. That feels like a lifetime ago.