19 November 2012

My Reading List:

If I'm not going to post anything, I should at least attempt to make your visit worthwhile, right?

Here's is the list of my very favorite blogs:

Grasping for Objectivity is a hilarious blog written by Rachel; smock-hating, homeschooling, Downton Abbey loving mother of two from Alabama.
Her "Jean"-ius is life changing (You may know her from her insanely popular posts about jeans and how not to wear them...).
She is a fantastic story teller. She'll have you in stitches about any topic from kids, to fashion, to cars, and cake molds...moulds?
She also in the business of making friends. She responds to every. single. comment, and remembers who you are. That's legit.
Her sincerity and authenticity keep me coming back for more, and she posts every day, so I'm never disappointed.

Stephanie Scheaffer: Writing for Good, by Stephanie Scheaffer (of course), is simply inspirational in every way.

She makes me want to do more and be better in everything.

The quality of her writing is excellent. Excellent, I tell you, but it's not just about her ability to move mountains through the written word.

She loves.

She loves lipstick. She loves learning. She loves literature.She loves her family. She loves her community. She loves God.

And it shows. In 2010, She and her husband sold their home and many of their possessions so that they could spend the 2011 traveling the country serving others. For real.


Saige Wisdom, by Sara, is one of my latest loves.

Sara is a mother of two in British Columbia. Her blog features big, bright, beautiful photos and a seriously witty commentary on various topics including, but not limited to her children, her current home remodel, and the end of her Canadian babymoon. 

My Life as a Kalli is another favorite of mine. Kalli is a mother of two from Utah. She doesn't write often, but when she does, it is worth the read. SO.FUNNY.

The repeated calls for attention from my short friend Oliver are telling me that I am currently failing at motherhood, so we'll have to pause this list for now so I can go play with my little one. But rest assured, we will revisit the topic of my favorite blogs at a later date... 


  1. you're the sweetest! thanks for including me in your lovely post... I'm blushing over here in the dark. xo

  2. Aw, thanks!! I don't know if all that about me is true, but I do hate smock.