05 April 2013

Dreaming of Over Sized Art...

Today I looked at that empty piece of the wall that smacks me in the face every time i walk up the stairs and  was annoyed for the 80 billionth time. I thought about Jordan at Oh Happy Day's recent blog series about her 500 sq foot San Francisco apartment... and how it has had me dreaming of over sized art for days!

"I need to put something bold and beautiful and...BIG there," I told myself.

I've been having a decorating crisis for a while...I love my living room, but it follows a theme a little too closely, so I am nervous to introduce anything too different. The kitchen and stairway are pretty bare, but I've left them that way because a.) I used everything that I had on hand in the living room, and b.) I can't decide if I should mimic the emerging theme to make the rooms blend together well, or try to introduce something new and try to find a way to make it all work.
So I went looking... I was thinking I would finally add some flair, or color, or even a bold print to my house full of old looking stuff....but my interweb travels brought me to these:

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image credit

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...no flair. no bold prints. old looking. And yet, I've sort of fallen in love. I think I'll keep looking, but it's entirely possible that I could end up with the van Gogh. I think we would be very happy together.

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