09 April 2013

Happiness is singing the Chicken Song...

Yesterday was a long, hard day for all of us.

We got up at five so that I could drop Jesse off for his carpool over to Bethesda. Then I dropped Ollie at a friends house so I could go to school and meet some fifth graders. We worked (or played, in Oliver's case) all day long. After dinner we went on a rather intense grocery shopping adventure to bulk up our food storage.

On our way home from Sam's Club and Walmart, Jesse and I were crashing, but from the back seat, Ollie called out, "I want to listen to the Chickens!"

Which means "Forget You" by Camilla and the Chickens, from the Muppet Movie.

We turned the music up loud so Ollie could hear it, but he insisted that everyone sing!

So there we were, flying down the road, cluck cluck clucking as loud as we could while Oliver held my hand from the back seat and sang the harmonizing clucks, and it hit me...

I am so happy!

Sure, life is enormously difficult right now, and it gets me down, way down...much more often than I care to admit to anyone.

However sometimes, in quiet moments...or in noisy, chicken moments, little glimpses of how happy my life really is catch me off guard, and I am reminded that, despite the currently overwhelming bad, my life is good and so full of joy.

My life right now won't be my life forever. In fact, a year from now, everything will have changed. Hopefully for the better...maybe not.

But I'm so extraordinarily lucky, because when you get right down to it, I have the  most important things.

I've had them all along.


  1. :) its so hard to remember sometimes how truly blessed I really am. That I have a husband who loves me, who has a good job, and works hard to support us. I have two beautiful children that are my life, and they make me smile every day! Enjoyed your post. heres to finding the amazing and wonderful, in the normal crazy of each day!

  2. Isn't it great? In those moments I'm just surprised at how happy I am. Life is good. And in those moments, I am reminded.