29 June 2014

The Cutest Camper

I took Alice with me to Young Women's Camp this year. 

I found out later that this was technically against the stake's rules...Oops. But when three members of our yw presidency have babies under six months old, and the other works full time to support herself, a baby at camp was sort of unavoidable.

Sweet Baby Alice was a rock star and charmed all the young ladies, and our bishop. It was hot and sticky and she spent a lot of time in a onesie being smothered with sunscreen and natural bug spray. We drove the girls up the first day and then drove home...which was excellent because we missed the biggest storm in Annapolis Stake YW Camp history. We went back up and stayed for two nights (both of which, she slept through).

There are more photos floating around out in the universe of me, Alice, and our plastic wrapped car (A prank, courtesy of the Severn YW), but they were all taken by someone else's camera, and tracking them down is not a job I feel extremely passionate about, so these three will have to suffice.

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