04 July 2014

Six Months

My friend Alice, at six months, is more fun than she has ever been. She rolls everywhere. She laughs at everything. She is starting to be very grabby. She still loves Oliver the most, and I'm a close second. She is small... I mean, really small. We're talking 12 pounds here. But she's happy and easy going and does not act like a starving baby. She sleeps through the night, for crying out loud.

Speaking of sleeping... she now sleeps in her crib in Oliver's room and the pack and play has been put away. Don't worry. I'm OK with it. After six months, I'm slowly starting to feel like myself again. My ability to keep my emotions in check and see logic through the haze of irrational thoughts floating around in my head is returning. I also find that I'm enjoying the little things in life again. It feels pretty great.

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