01 July 2010

Guess What!

My Friend Jesse took his Radiography boards and he passed them...yes he did!

The man deserves it though, he has studied very diligently.

He's pretty much amazing.

In other news: we arrived back at our apartment this morning and opened the door to find the delightful odor of skunk hanging in the air...nice huh...I just LOVE the way it lingers.


  1. LOL it was BAAD this morning! I was almost gagging as it woke me up and I had to hurry and put something in our Scentsy!
    And good job to Jesse, too!

  2. I miss the skunk smells that seem to only be possible in Sanpete!

  3. Great news! Congrats, Jessie! Oh, and if you come to Disneyland, you better give me first chance at the baby (who is already TOTALLY ADORABLE, and so there).