03 July 2010

In High School...

I worked at a lovely sandwich and frozen yogurt place I like to call Hogurt Yogurt...it was good for me.

It provided me with a lot of money...and life experiences...

Some great - like working exceptionally hard and being awarded for my efforts with the title of Assistant Manager and making lots of friends.

Some not-so-great - like being robbed by a crazy person with a knife...oh and the creeper who thought that my ultra stylish lacy layer at the bottom of my Teriyaki Stix T-shirt (remember those...the layers I mean) was part of my underwear and wanted to talk to me about it. That's right YIKES! (I should have listened to my grandma who also thought they looked like underwear and warned against wearing them in the first place.)

Today I wish I was back there so I could make my own sandwiches again...just the way I like them...I haven't been completely satisfied with a deli sandwich since.

*P.S. I'm praying that my fascination with food will end when my pregnancy does...hopefully that will also put a lid on the barrage of food-ey posts that you've seen since January. THEN you can look forward to a plethora of posts about my adorable new human..unless he's not adorable...in which case I am selling him and going to Disneyland to walk off the baby weight...KIDDING!


  1. Your obsession with food will not end I'm sorry to say. If you are going to nurse trust me that you will NEVER know hunger or thirst like you will during that time. The hard part is not eating like a horse when you stop nursing. :)

  2. You could sell him to us and we'll be generous with visitation rights...
    After I had Gabe I had NO appetite for like two weeks. I two like three bites of food all day--and only because I knew that Gabe needed it. When that ended I just got to a snacking phase is all. Maybe that'll be you too.

  3. Lol, I totally gained 60 pounds!!! I couldn't shove enough food in my mouth. When Asher was born my appetite went away to. Asher is a year old and i finally got back to my pre-weight (exciting) It's different for everybody :D I'm so excited for you!!

  4. good times friend... good times at the hogert yogert