21 July 2010

The Story of Jesse's Life...As It Applies to Pedicures

The day I was to go into labor (but didn't know it yet), I looked at my toes...

I told Jesse that I think every woman should be entitled to a pedicure before they have a baby, and I was wishing for one.

That wonderful husband of mine then volunteered to paint my toes for me (...he thinks pedicures are just about the nail polish, bless him).

I asked him if he had ever painted anything before.

"I painted a fence once." was his reply.

I decided to keep my toes to myself for the time being...

I also managed to keep my socks on for the first twelve hours of labor...and then I no longer cared about the state of my lower phalanges.

...but I see some practice sessions in his future because the next time I have a baby, my toes are going to have fresh polish and I'm going to flaunt them to the nurses and boast of my husbands master polishing skills.

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