22 July 2010

Let's Just Talk About My Mom...

Yesterday morning I woke up and groaned.

After a long night full of infant tears and a new mother's frustration at various aspects of baby-ness, I had vowed that this day would be a day committed to nursing, napping and diaper changing. It had to be, or Oliver and I were never going to get the hang of things.

At the same time, however, all I could think of was the endless list of chores to do including the piles of laundry stacking up in respective baskets around our shoe box apartment, Oliver's serious need for a bath and my complete lack of baby bathing experience, and the meals that I would have to feed myself (I never imagined eating to be such a nuisance). These also had to be taken care of today but I didn't know how or when.

I wished for a lot of things...but mostly just for my mom...

I ended my pity party and got out of bed, hoping to get something done before the day got away from me.

Pretty soon I heard a knock at the door...I hate those for various reasons

I opened the door and there she was! My mother! With a couple of bags, another package of diapers, and a coke in hand....she even brought me her old magazines.

And the angels in heaven sang.

Or at least I heard them.

She made me sit down, helped me bathe my stinky baby, encouraged me to nurse, did a billion loads of laundry, washed dishes and sterilized feeding/nursing paraphernalia.

She made me lunch, accompanied me to the hospital, and even solved a minor issue so we could finish the process of buying my car from them.

Then she bought me a treat at WalMart, made my dinner, and even made lunch for the next day.

By the end of the day we were both tired, but she still offered to vacuum for me.

I declined.

I told her to sit down and hold the Oliver until she was ready to go home. She had done enough for the day.

I am always taking my mother for granted. Never fully appreciating her presence and hard work. Her contributions to my life are vast and constant and the older I get, the more I realize just how hard she has worked on my behalf, and she continues to do so. I love her muchly and plan to keep her for a very long time.

Ollie and Grandma Min


  1. Della, this post almost made me cry. I'm glad you have a helpful mother who was there.
    PS--seriously let me know what I can do to help, too!

  2. We never truly appreciate what we have until we need it the most. I am glad your mom was there to help! I know I needed it too. Just remember that the things around the house aren't as important as you taking care of yourself and the little Oliver.

  3. I thank God everyday for my mother and now you know why! They seriously are angels in disguise.
    I envy her also for getting to hold such a precious gift in exchange.

  4. I wept when I read this. You have the most incredible mom. She was the angel that showed up on my doorstep also when my mom was dying. Amazing mom = amazing kids!