08 January 2011

The Story of Jesse's Life: Confucius Style

"People who live in glass houses...should practice abstinence."
Thank you Jesse for your wisdom and insight.

Last evening's game night with Bobulous and Carlsbad was SUPER!
We are a funny bunch, that's all.


  1. **laugh** I was just saying to Kelly that I wish you guys would move to Logan because you make me laugh and we'd have lots of fun ... and then I read this post ... and laughed more.

  2. Oh that was to great! Things that came out of all our mouths that night just made me laugh! We defiantly need to play that again and have another game night.

  3. Oh I miss listening to yours and Jesse's conversations!

  4. HAHAHAHA! *gasp* HAHAHAHA! Oh dear... still laughing! :)

  5. If this were facebook I would "like" it... a lot. :)