15 January 2011

Today! Today!

Today is your Birthday!

I like you...

That's why I made you cool open faced roast beef sandwich things for dinner that I made up on the spot because I didn't feel like making or eating French Dip sandwiches like you requested...

That could also be why I considered making you fold your own laundry, then changed my mind.

And maybe my voluntary effort towards all diaper and early morning Oliver duties today has something to do with it.

And don't forget how you got three full meals today...instead having to scavenge for food for yourself.

And I did all of your dishes.

And tried really hard not to nag.

Soon I will make you a Razzleberry Pie to celebrate the beginning of your 26th year...well, I'll just turn on the oven and toss it in actually, but I digress...

I love you madly! I hope you have found this anniversary of the day of your birth to be a splendid one, and I wish you a happy year to come.

PS: This photo of you still makes me laugh.

1 comment:

  1. Love it, Della! You are a wonderful wife of a birthday celebrator! ;)
    Happy birthday Jesse!