26 January 2011

Today was a beautiful day...and I'm not talking about the weather.

Today was a day when opportunities were found in the least likely places at the least likely of times.

I feel like a fire was ignited somewhere deep inside me where so long I have felt lost and cold...depressed.

Today, my ambition reignited and my hope restored, I saw clearly the hand of the Lord in my life. 

It was exquisite


  1. Della, you are so cryptic ;) Did Jessie get a job?

  2. Wouldn't that be nice... We finally decided on a back up plan...one that I didn't expect to love this much. Should Jesse find himself RT Jobless in may we will head to SUU for some more prereqs which will make him eligible for a few more pa programs. I will also attend and work towards my bachelors and teaching cert. The whole idea with housing and so on seems to have just fallen together. Whether it really works out remains to be seen, but it feels so right. I'm excited at the prospect of continuing my education.