23 March 2011

Frequencies for a Wednesday

I used about 80 billion tissues before my nose and eyes stopped running shortly after 3:00 PM.

Oliver J. fell and bonked his head exactly 17 times.

Jesse is currently eligible for 9 PA programs.

We witnessed 1 questionable sillhoette of Nicolas Cage today while we were watching City of Angels. (YIKES!)

Oliver has 2 adorable teeth. I like how they look on him.


  1. Oh, Della, this is an especially good post. The photo is SO VERY CUTE! It just makes me sad that I still haven't held him.... Please give an extra hug for us

  2. for some reason I can't comment on my blog. Anyway, I hope you are transitioning well down in cedar city. Ephraim is different without your little family. I can feel it in the air. ha!

    I will have to somehow coordinate with you on your block. I also have your papers for the booklet. I'm sure we can drop it off on our way to St. George.