21 March 2011

My Son Likes to Share

He likes to share a lot.

He likes to share your food, any beverage that you might currently be sipping from, and consequently his illnesses.

Currently all of the residents of Cottage 5 are enjoying the long lasting symptoms of a cold.

Simply put, I deserve the 'Mother of the Year' award for my saintly attitude about it all. That's me being facetious.

I'm grumpy and whiny and impatient. Unfortunately so is my friend Oliver, and we are having to learn to coexist together.

My baby has always been so easy. I think we are just making up for lost time.

When I start too dwell on how miserable I think I am, I realize how miserable Ollie must be, and feel so guilty. Though in a strange way, I'm also grateful to be sick if it means that I know how my poor little one is feeling, otherwise I wouldn't appreciate the smiles he's still cracking.

I'm also grateful to Jesse for taking care of both of us.


  1. I read the title of this post and expected the caption "My son likes to share. My husband ... not so much."

  2. Lol @ Lisa's comment... which is most often the case when she beats me to posting one...
    Yah, having colds all together can sure make for one grumpy house, but at least one that understand how everyone else feels, just like you said!