03 March 2011

What Kinda Beans?

"Red beans, black beans, Boston baked and blue.
Cocoa, Coffee, Kidney beans, Pinto and Jelly too!"
If you talk to my sister about beans she'll quote "Into the Woods." Try it sometime.

If you talk to me about beans I'll probably ask if I can read a story to you...one I like to call Skippyjon Jones. (You should really let me read it to you.)

But now I'm rambling...

You know how I used to hate beans? No, I don't mean the green ones... the really super healthy ones that are full of fiber...

Well, one day I started eating them on my Cafe Rio pork salad...I found they were bearable.

Then I started receiving beans for free...so I figured I should use them.

I made pork salads. I made chili. I searched recipes. A lot of recipes. And I ate them.

(the beans I mean, not the recipes.)

I learned to like them. CRAZY! I know!

Then ShaNeil introduced me to her delectable taco soup and I was hooked. I vowed always to have beans in my pantry.

So today when I went to Kent's for the case lot sale (yes, my third case lot sale in the past six months...I think I'm addicted.) I bought beans. A lot of beans. Five cases to be exact.

Now I can make as much taco soup as I want. But don't worry, they don't expire until 2014...I've got plenty of time.

Don't judge me.


  1. Della,
    I think you should share the recipe...!

  2. You hated beans? you silly goose. that is like all Dal and I eat, there are loads of ways to prepare them, which makes them pretty exciting, although they are rather a boring food product. glad to see you like them now!

  3. Yay! I made it on your blog! :)