20 September 2011

It's a Start...

I made a new friend today...Rebecca.

At least I hope we will find enough in common to be friends.

She and her husband have 5 young kids and live in a one bedroom house. They have lived in Malad for two months. She was very personable.

We are going to story time at the library next Tuesday...and I am getting myself a library card!

Gee it will be nice to get out of this house and have something to do in town...and a friend in town to do it with.


  1. Don't make friends, because then I might be replaced! EEK! I guess if you have to have friends, then I'll be sending a few 8x10 copies of me for you to hang around your house.

  2. Sweet mother of Pearl! 7 people in a one bedroom? Don't be friends with her because she's a saint. I wouldn't want to be standing next to her when they start separating the wheat from the tares! :)

    Good for you for getting into the groove of things!

    Every time we moved (which you know is countless times) my favorite day was the day I got my card to the local library! LOVE the library!