13 September 2011

To Honor the Bravest Popcorn Kernels in the Bunch...

Last night, Jesse and I pulled down our *new to us* air popper that we bought for a dollar at the Oneida County Hospital's yard sale for some popping corn.

Since we had never used an air popper together, I taught him the most respectful approach...

First you prepare the melted butter in a small container, turn on the air popper, and dump in the kernels...then you wait.

Now, everyone knows that the best pieces of popcorn are the ones DRENCHED in butter, and it is every kernels greatest ambition to be that perfect piece, but there are two kernels that are braver than all the rest:

The first one in the bowl is considered remarkably brave because he leads the way and checks out the bowl to make sure it is safe for everyone else to come.

The last one into the bowl is considered brave because he stayed behind and made sure that all the other kernels made it out OK.

Out of the utmost respect for these two courageous kernels, you pick them out as soon as you identify them, dip them straight into the melted butter that you prepared ahead of time, and eat them all by themselves.

In doing this, you are ensuring that their dream to be the greatest piece of popcorn is achieved and you reward them for their immense bravery shown on your behalf.

After this, as we were preparing the rest of the popcorn for consumption, Jesse said, "Your dad taught you that didn't he?"

I answered him affirmatively and made sure it was clear that the tradition was to be continued...

Then we cuddled up on our fluffy new couches and snarfed down our popcorn while we watched Hearts in Atlantis, which I thought was very strange.

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  1. Oh, Della. I love your humor. And I wish you were coming to Logan with Bree this weekend. Awesome tale - popcorn is practically a staple in my house, so I believe I will be introducing your dad's tale to my family. Thanks!