15 September 2011

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

These days Oliver J. wakes up before the sun.

Usually he whines until we arrive to pluck him out of bed, and then he screams and throws himself down on the mattress just to show his indignation...we've seen it before, so we roll over and cover our ears with the pillow, hoping to get three more minutes of sleep.

On this lovely morning, we heard Ollie Pop laughing in his crib. After a couple of minutes we heard him say, "Mama? Daddy?" And Jesse was so excited he couldn't get out of bed fast enough...

I sure hope Ollie makes a habit of this.


  1. Oh my goodness, I can't believe it he is growing up so fast. Bobby and I smiled when we read this post. Now the talking begins :)

  2. Goodness, since when is he old enough to talk!? It's gone by too fast!

  3. Holy smokes! I want to hear an Ollie voice! :)