17 May 2012

2,150 Mies: Illinois and Indiana

This post is long because Indiana was rough.

I mean really.

By this day a general feeling of ennui (that's for you, Ashley) had settled in.

We were tired of going, sick of stopping, and we abhorred the idea of another peanut butter sandwich.

That's how we started the day.

Then we drove FOREVER.

Straight through Illinois to the far end of Indiana.

At some point my phone died...this meant two things:

 I couldn't text my grandparents...which I had really been enjoying.
And I couldn't refer to the exit information that my Grandpa had given earlier in the day.

Our GPS was set for shortest distance. The consequence of this being that it took us off the freeway a whole hour early. (Don't worry friends, there was a freeway exit not five minutes from the motel).

The driver's side mirror started to adjust itself...meaning that Jesse couldn't see a whole lot.

There was a couch in our lane. Which we did hit. Which terrified me, but (THANKFULLY) did not affect us, or damage the truck.

We finally got to the Motel 6 in Mishawaka, Indiana, and were so happy to have stopped for the night, until we got out of the elevator on the second floor...

There were no lights on. All of the wiring was exposed. It smelled bad. SO BAD.

We walked into our room and were a little bit relieved until one glance in the bathroom told us to be very afraid.

So we said to ourselves:  "We will be fine." "This will be fine." "Everything is fine." And set out for dinner.

The elevator got stuck between floors one and two...just long enough to get us nervous before it rattled its way back up to two and let us out...we used the stairs from then on.

We dashed across a very busy street (there was no other way to go) and headed to Burger King, where we found the coolest fountain drink dispenser ever. It was all high-tech with a touch screen and about 8 billion options. We handed Ollie a cup to take a sip of orange soda from the straw and he flat out refused to give it up until the drink was gone. All 21 ounces of it.

After dinner, the four of us (Jesse, Me, Oliver J. and his drink)  retired to our motel room where we all cozied up on the king sized bed and watched TLC until we fell asleep. Well, the boys fell asleep. I stayed up late intending to watch the final episode of Desperate Housewives on Hulu because I was dying to know how it ended. Dying, I tell you!

However, I ended up grabbing my phone and calling the police to come put a stop to the ridiculously loud argument taking place in the parking lot involving two cheating women, a cheating man named Adam, and a pregnant rabbit.

The following is an excerpt from said argument:
Girl 1:  

"Adam! Adam! Please don't leave me here. Don't leave me for her. I don't have anything or any place to go!"

Girl 2:

"Maybe if you hadn't cheated on him he'd stick around!"

Girl 1:

"You cheated on him first!"..."Adam, please Adam!"

Then there was a CRASH

Girl 1:

"What are you doing!?!?!?! She's PREGNANT!"

(I say to myself, OH MY WORD! What is happening! What am I doing in this place? Then I hear...)

"Adam! Do something! She's trying to hurt my bunny, but it's pregnant!

Finally two of them decide to walk away, and Girl 1 is left sobbing on sidewalk in front of the motel until a policeman arrives and straightened everything out.

In the morning, we woke up early, skipped the shower option because we weren't interested in running the risk of acquiring any diseases, and loaded up the car.

On one of our trips back in, we saw a big man with a little dog on a leash yelling into a room about how loud they had been all night, and how filthy their room was.

Outside we saw a group of three men standing in a circle and yelling some chants, I'm assuming it was to pump them up for the day...what they were pumping up for, we never saw because when they were done they walked back into the motel, and we drove out of the parking lot faster than you could say "That's right yikes!"

When I told my grandparents about the night, I asked them to remind me what all this nonsense was for.

Grandpa said, "So you can have wild memories of your youth."


  1. i grew up in elkhart, which is like 20 minutes from Mishawaka. you definitely picked the wrong town to stay the night in!! :) you're blog is still so cute!

  2. I don't think I knew that about you, Dakota. Elkhart is where we had planned to stay originally, but then a certain husband who shall remain nameless wanted to try Mishawaka because it was cheaper...We certainly know why now. Thanks for reading and commenting.