13 May 2012

2,150 Miles: Nebraska

The second day of our trip was spent driving from one end of Nebraska to the other.

On this day:

Jesse drove. and drove. and drove. (He also drank a WHOLE LITER OF COKE...which for Jesse is a really big deal).

Oliver watched for trains and called out "VROOM!" every time he saw a truck and/or remembered that he was, in fact, in a truck...which was often.

I let go of my disappointment about missing the giant Abraham Lincoln head, Ames' Pyramid, and the Archway Museum in Kearney, and decided to just accept the fact that I probably wouldn't see any silly roadside attractions this trip because of the size and speed of our ridiculously over sized truck. I'm over it..

We pulled onto my aunt Louise's street somewhere close to Omaha where she ushered us in with great big hugs. And sent us off to bed.

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