02 May 2012

Is She Cute?

A kid from the ward came over the other day to introduce us to a new online shopping experience that would change our lives...

After the pitch, he asked if we had any siblings...we assumed that he was trying to get to know us.

No. He was fishing.

"So how old is your sister?"

He asked.

"Can I have her number?"

He pushed.

"Is she cute?"

He continued.

"She looks just like me."

I said.

We all know it's true.

In fact, remember the picture I posted awhile ago with my favorite head scarf? Yeah...even my Mom admitted to almost asking me why I had a picture of Heather on my blog for a post about my Monday. She wasn't in Malad that day, was she?

So this kid says.

"Yeah, but is she cute...what would you say Jesse?"

This young man was not deterred by the six hour drive from Malad to Cedar City. He was not concerned when I told him that Heather would, very possibly, be spending the summer in China.

"So, can you give me her number?"

He pressed.

I took his number and facebook page name instead.

"Do you think she would like Horses?"

He asked on his way out the door.

After he left, Jesse and I laughed about it ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

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