20 May 2012

2,150 Miles: The End

We were scheduled to unload at 8:30 am. Jesse went out a little early to open things up and make a game plan. As soon as he opened the door of the truck, the four missionaries living across the street filed out their front door and came our way to help. At 8:30 a few ward members, including the couple who fed us the night before showed up. We were completely unloaded by 9:00 am.

We returned our moving truck, which was a HUGE relief.

We worked so hard on Saturday that I thought my legs were going to fall off right at the hips.

I had one melt down because the oven wasn't working and I wouldn't be able to make the dinner that I had planned...I was not OK with the idea of PB and J. It was kind of what you might call the straw that broke the camel's back.

The bishop and his wife showed up with cookies only seconds after I got off the phone from crying to my soda POP about the oven (Jesse made me call and talk to him because he knows I like my dad a little bit ...I was trying to put on a brave front and suck it up). They stayed and talked for a while. She gave advice on where to go for cheap groceries. He told us some of the things worth seeing in the area. Both were very kind.

They left after a while and I continued to fret about what to eat. I had resigned myself to a bowl of cereal and then to bed when we got a knock at the door...


Someone had pizza sent to our house from a place called Dino's.

I happen to know that the someone was the bishop because he had mentioned Dino's Pizza was the best in town. Only I submit that Dino's Pizza is the best pizza anywhere because it was the best pizza I've ever had, EVER!

That could be just because I've never been so grateful for the love and thoughtfulness that a person showed for us in the form of a pizza.

We scarfed down our pizza, sent Ollie to bed and slept through watched some Netflix before we sent ourselves to bed, where we slept well for the first night in a week.

I'm so happy that this move is over. It has been one of very best and very worst experiences I have ever had. I will, however, declare it a succes and say that I'm grateful to anyone and everyone who helped to make it so. We could not have done it alone.


  1. YEA! I'm glad you made it and I'm glad your L.O.N.G. drive is over - yuck. Good luck settling into a new area and HAVE FUN! Sounds like you have a wonderful ward and neighbors.

  2. Wow! Whatta a sport!!! That's very lucky (and unusual) that you live close to so many ward members. Good luck settling in! I think you'll really enjoy it once you get comfy.

  3. Lisa and Jessica, Thank you both for the well wishes. And you are both right, we do have a fantastic ward! I think of "Annie" everytime I say this, but I think I'm gonna like it here. Everyone has been fantastic. I'm so sorry that I wasn't able to touch base with either of you before I left. I'm so happy we are friends though.