19 June 2012

A Family of Feet

I had considered "Family Footsies" for the title of this post, but thankfully I realized that, at first glance, it may not come across as intended...so it was scrapped.

Whenever I give my camera to Heather at a family function and ask her to take lots of pictures, I always end up with at least a few pictures of feet.

These photos came from my Grandma Lucy Ann's 80th birthday party in May:

(Really, who else would those bad boys belong to?)

And the star of the night?
Why, Mrs. By of course.

Her feet were not featured on this evening, but she looked far too fetching to leave out of this post because of some silly foot technicality.


  1. I love it! I'm totally going to start doing this! haha.

  2. Of course Heather took this more classic portrait: It is against the laws of nature & photography to take any photo of LucyAnn without focusing on the stunning, birthday necklace!!