20 June 2012

The Story of Jesse's Life: PA School

Would you like to know how my friend Jesse is doing?

The poor man is stressed!

That's how.

"PA for a Day"
Though I think deep down he is enjoying school, it is a lot of work...maybe more than he bargained for.

But he is persevering and trying his hardest.

His current schedule goes something like this: Study, Class, Study, Sleep, Repeat.

His hard work is already showing great results though...he earned a very respectable score on his first official (and long...and nasty) test...ahem 90%.  He danced me around the kitchen in celebration.

Tomorrow will mark his first official month down.

Only 26 more to go...


  1. Three cheers for dancing in the kitchen!

  2. He's going to do GREAT! Go Jesse!

  3. Jesse will be just fine with Della cheering for him and backing him up. It can be done. It will be done.