17 June 2012

Happy Father's Day

Oliver and I are so blessed to have such a dedicated and loving man to support and care for us. He works with such diligence to provide for our needs and guarantee a successful future for our family.

Oliver and Jesse at Arlington National Cemetary 6/9/12

Today we are also grateful for the love and support we receive in abundance from our fathers and grandfathers.

I am especially grateful for mine. My dad and grandpa have always cheered for my victories and supported me in my trials. They have provided me with unforgettable experiences and taught me valuable lessons. They are easily approachable in times of need and whenever I ask, they are willing. In fact, they often express that they wish they could have done more.

My little family is so lucky to be a part of theirs.

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  1. Dear Della,
    Heather told me about your blog yesterday at Primary after I asked her what was happening with you. I came home and read/thoroughly enjoyed all your May and June posts. Will be anxious to see more. I'm bookmarking.
    Love you,