22 June 2012

You're going to laugh at me when I say this, because many of you, my dear blog readers who I am so fond of, have had it a lot worse than me....also, admittedly, I'm a little dramatic.

I'm 23.

And these 23 years of my life have been easy.

So easy.

And I knew that.

But this...

...Maryland, PA School, Settling into a new place, Missing my family and friends, Trying to keep track of every single penny, everything...



I'm trying to pull myself up by my boot straps. Just do it. Because it's really not that bad.

It could be so much worse.

It could be an actual trial, like a serious illness of my child, or infertility, or divorce...

And besides...I was part of every decision made.

Actually, since I'm super bossy, I made most of the decisions.

I chose to do this.

Not to mention, we've only been here for a month.

But it was all I could do yesterday not to call my dad up and beg, BEG him to come and help me register my car so I wouldn't have to do all of the research, and make all of the decisions, and face all of those safety inspection and car registration people by myself. From what I've heard so far, registration can actually be a rather hellacious experience in the state of Maryland, and Jesse barely has time to breath, let alone help with car registration (except he's going to help anyway, because he's extraordinary).

But seriously, Dad, will come to my house next week? I'll tickle your back...

Anyway, I'll be fine. We will be fine. It will all be fine.

I'm making friends, I think. And all of my family and friends from home have been so supportive.

We've got each other. Jesse and I both seem to have bad days, but at least they are never the same day.

And Oliver ALWAYS makes us laugh.

We have firm testimonies of the gospel and know where to turn for strength. guidance, and peace.

Everything will turn out...

I think I know that.

Just don't think I'm too weak when I admit that I have wished to come home almost every day this week.


  1. Happy Birthday sweetheart! Lol, maybe well come up with a reason to come move to Maryland so you don't have to be lonely. I hope you have a very spectacular day and you kick come car registration butt!!

  2. Home teachers and bishops are good at helping answer questions!! Good luck with everything. I usually have my husband do all that stuff because it can be hard. Hang in there!

  3. Keep your chin up! You are tough and you will get through this. Even if we have to skype every second of the day! You can do this!

  4. Um, Della, why do you undermine this? This IS super, super hard! When I moved from there to here I was only 12 without adult worries and I still consider it that hardest time of my life. I can only imagine being in your shoes. But one amazing blessing of living out there will be a remarkable strength of family unity in your family. I really, really loved that. Good luck! Feel free to talk anytime you need.

  5. Della! I think you are amazing! You will definitely get through this. I love reading your blog, so keep posting!!

  6. it's your birthday?! Happy Birthday. If not, I feel dumb for saying happy birthday!

    Anyway, something I've realized is that


    No matter what the situation is, it's hard! But you are so right, things will turn out okay!

  7. You're still in Maryland aren't you? So you made it through that last hard week. one.day.at.a.time. That's all you have to survive/endure/enjoy!