15 February 2013

A Birthday Message From My Nieces and Nephews:

Dear Aunt Della,
We think that you are swella,
You definitely don't smella!

We are sure that you are "bella"!
So we wrote this card to tella...
You Happy Birthday Della!

Also worth mentioning:

As I was putting Oliver to bed, he crawled into my lap (he likes to "be wike a baby") and sang the Happy Birthday song to me...FIVE TIMES...in his sweet little Oliver J. voice.

(well, actually, one of them was to Andre, because that is who Oliver sings the Happy Birthday song to every other time that it may randomly pop into his head...but I'm over it. Andre is just that cool. I can accept that, even on my birthday).

I'm so thankful for the little people in my life, and even a bunch of the big ones!

I really am the luckiest!

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