18 February 2013

Ollie vs the Flatware Drawer

We let Oliver help around the house when he wants to. 

Let him think work is a game, maybe even a little bit fun? 

I'm sure he'll find out the hard truth about chores one day, but we'll let him live in innocence for just a while longer...

But not too much longer. After all, I'm not in the business of having babies just for the sweet, cuddly meatloaf you get in the beginning! 

I have bigger dreams! I want the by-product of babies.

No, not mountains of human excrement, don't be silly!

You know what I'm talking about.

Indentured servants!!!

That's the real miracle of motherhood!

*cue maniacal laughter*

Now that you know my truest intentions, I'll bow out gracefully, and leave you with this photo of Oliver: indentured servant in training:

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  1. Della, you're little guy is so cute! I love all the posts about him, especially the "Heather art" haha. nailed it. lol. I have nominated your blog for the Liebster award. :) Details are here: http://snapshots87.blogspot.com/2013/03/liebster-award.html