19 February 2013

When Grandpas Come to Visit {part 2}

Hey Dad! Remember when you came to our house for a visit? Let's do it again sometime, ok?

At the B & O Railroad Museum Oliver loved the roundhouse. At the first sight of all of those train cars in one place he gasped and whispered "WOW!"

Grandma Min sent two t-shirts, a froggy rain jacket, and some monkey gloves for Grandpa to deliver to his little friend, who promptly put them on and refused to take them off for hours.

We drove into D.C. for the sole purpose of trying out Ollie's Trolley, which is apparently home to the best burgers in D.C. After eating one, I can honestly say that any other burger, anywhere, has some pretty stiff competition.

We walked around the mall, where Dad dragged us into the toy store to play. 

And he introduced us to my current favorite sport: Duckpin bowling. 

Thanks again for burgers, crabs, train museums, Ikea visits, bowling, endlessly playing with Oliver J., and anything else that I'm forgetting at the moment. You make a pretty great house guest!

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