16 February 2013

How I spent my Christmas Money: Official Report

Dearest Grandma and Grandpa,

I sort of went IKEA crazy while my dad was here.

He happened to rent a car big enough to pick up all the things I managed to find logical enough reasons to buy.

He took me to Ikea...twice! We stopped at the Baltimore Ikea one day where we managed to find the EXACT shelving unit I was looking for in the "As Is" section for fifty dollars instead of eighty.

That, my friends, was very lucky!

While we were there, I decided that I wanted to use my Christmas Cash to purchase Ikea's Raskog kitchen cart in blue...because it is useful, and whimsical, and the perfect size and shape for my laundry...er...nook under the stairs.

photo credit
Except....horror of horrors, it was out of stock!

Dad said, "That's ok. We can go to the other Ikea tomorrow." Because he's the best dad in the whole world.

The next day we stopped in College Park on our way home from DC! I got my beloved cart, and we headed for home. Since then, I feel happy every time I open the door to do laundry! And that's a big deal.

Allow me to illustrate:


(Please excuse the photo bomb from my Tim Burton Giraffe magnet.)

 See what I mean? Now I can organize cleaning and laundry supplies in one place. Things don't fall off of or through the shelf like they used to, and I can wheel this baby out easily anytime I feel like I want to.

So thank you for my new laundry cart!

Your darling granddaughter Della

PS: If you are wondering how the other Christmas money in our home has been spent, I can only say that Jesse and Oliver are hoarding theirs.

I'm always the first to breakdown and spend.

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