20 April 2014


We had a low key Easter this year. The bunny visited, leaving a few small toys and NO candy. That was nice of him. He came again while we were at church and hid our eggs around the house. He was so sneaky that he hid an egg in Alice's carseat while Alice was still in it! Oliver thought that was pretty crazy.

Then I tried to convince my children to sit still while I took photographs of them in their new spring clothes. That particular job was hard enough with one, and now there are two wiggly things to capture... I'll keep them though. 

Now that I'm writing this, I'm wishing we had taken a picture of all of us. We looked pretty festive! Jesse even wore Easter colors! He had a lavender tie and teal socks.

Then I sent my mom a billion pictures of Alice in her Easter dress because I do that sort of thing now.

And that was that.

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