17 April 2014

The Latest About Grandpa's Garden

Grandpa Than's garden has become a regular topic of conversation around here, and has even inspired a little gardening endeavor of our own. Because of this, I feel it is only appropriate to continue posting our correspondence with Grandpa Than our adventures in gardening this spring...

                I was looking at my garden the other day. I didn’t see any bugs, and I only had to pull a couple of weeds out of the dirt. My broccoli, and Brussels Sprouts are looking very healthy and strong. Most of my tomatoes are looking good too. My Cucumbers, and Pick’em and Eat’em tomato looks like it caught a cold. They have wrinkly leaves on top I’m starting to worry about them. The peppers all look good. The Strawberry plants in the front garden have started to grow really fast Hopefully they will stay strong and make some berries for me to eat. All of the flowers that I bought for grandma’s garden are doing good. They are not in a hurry to grow because it has been cold here. They are making flowers though.
                That’s the news from Grandpa Than’s garden.
                Have a wonderful day.

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